Robin Good: Booktype is a free, colaborative open source platform that produces beautiful, engaging books formatted both for print and for all the major ebOkk formats and stores online.

Booktype is characterized by a very easy-to-use interface and by its native collaborative set of features, supporting in the best possible way the cooperative creation of literary works by niche communities of interest.

Booktype key features include:

• clean, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface

• simultaneous editing

• live chat and messaging tools

• output to pdf, epub, mobi, odt and html

• export to Amazon, iBooks, and other print-on-demand or ebook stores

• collaborative tools to engage proofreaders, editors and contributors

• merged print and digital workflow to keep books up-to-date across all platforms

• individual book history, versions, clones, editing permissions and license management

• easy import of content, chapters and entire books from other sources for remix and reuse

• Booktype uses WebKit, the open source project that powers Google’s Chrome browser and Apple’s iBooks app. This ensures great looking content across all mobile, tablet and ereader platforms, plus makes designing books easy for anyone with knowledge of web design.

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