New Ebook Publishing Tools Coming in 2012 | Forbes | eBook Publishing World |

From the article: "The release by Apple of iBooks Author last month begins a year that will see the release of several new tools focused on helping people to create, publish and track their ebooks.... 

That’s fine insofar as it goes, but if you’re an author or publisher wanting to reach as many people as possible, with limited time and resources to repurpose the same content for different marketplaces, iBooks Author isn’t a great help."

What's interesting instead is the fact that in 2012 we will see more and more tools that will allow you to convert, format and publish your content to ebooks on multiple and competing platforms.

There are several services providing this and more springing up. 

Not only.

You will have tools to track stats of how many ebooks are downloaded and purchased as well as better tools to write, edit, revise and format your ebook.

Informative. 7/10

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