How To Get Your Blog or RSS Feed Into The Kindle Store (and make money from it) | | eBook Publishing World |

From the article intro by Sarah Marshall: "This guide explains how you can submit an RSS feed of your blog to Amazon in less than 10 minutes for it to be available in the Kindle store a day or two later.

Not only will you see your blog on a much-used device, bloggers can also hope to earn a little money.

Amazon sets the £0.99 or £1.99 monthly subscription price it charges Kindle owners, of which the blogger gets 30 per cent.

Okay, so you are unlikely to become rich, but you are offering readers the ability to access your content on another platform for very little time and effort.

This guide explains everything you need to know."

N.B.: Non-US bank account holders get paid by cheque, US bloggers are asked to submit their bank account details.

Very useful. 8/10

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