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The Future of eBooks in the Academic World: Opportunities and Challenges

The Future of eBooks in the Academic World: Opportunities and Challenges | eBook Publishing World | Scoop.it
Robin Good's insight:

The eBookChallenge is an online resource designed to help orientate senior institutional managers and to support institutions in the effective adoption and deployment of ebooks and ebook technology

The site contains Case studies, reports, infographics and statistics that can aid academic staff to more easily understand and evaluate the true impact and opportunities offered by ebooks.

The work done circles around three main ebook interest areas: 

creation, curation and consumption

A useful and well-organized reference for anyone involved in planning and organizing the integration of ebooks in the academic curriculum.

Resourceful. Organized. 8/10

Find out more: http://ebookchallenge.org.uk/ 

Main report: http://ebookchallenge.org.uk/report/ 

Eternity's curator insight, September 22, 2013 3:29 AM

This sums it up for responsive designs and content for future - for ebooks!!

Aracy Campos's curator insight, December 3, 2013 7:06 AM

Uma referência útil e bem organizada para qualquer pessoa envolvida no planejamento e organização da integração de ebooks no currículo acadêmico.

Yaros Perez's curator insight, February 23, 2016 1:08 PM

Muestra de una manera gráfica y y facil de entender el futuro de los Elibros.

Scooped by Robin Good

Ebook Sales: 7 Tools To Track Them

Ebook Sales: 7 Tools To Track Them | eBook Publishing World | Scoop.it

From the article intro: "If you are anything like other ebook authors I know, then you probably spend a fair amount of time checking your ebooks’ sales figures and rankings.

The reports offered at some major ebook stores, however, tend to be quite basic. Fortunately there are a number of alternative tracking services available.

Some of the following services also attempt to estimate sales but remember these are only estimates. Unless the source is directly from the ebook store, e.g. Amazon, then this will probably only a “best guess” of expected sales based on a particular rank.

With tools like these you can also keep track of how your competitors’ ebooks are doing and even get some ideas for your next book by researching the performance of particular titles."

Useful. 7/10

Full article: http://www.publishyourownebooks.com/7-tools-for-tracking-ebook-sales/ 

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What Is EPUB 3 and Why It Is So Important for the Future of eBooks :: O'Reilly Radar

What Is EPUB 3 and Why It Is So Important for the Future of eBooks :: O'Reilly Radar | eBook Publishing World | Scoop.it

From the article intro: "If evolution is the cornerstone of life, that's certainly no less true in the electronic world. If you can't adapt — or fail to adapt in time — you're destined to join the ranks of the Netscape Navigators, OS/2 operating systems, and WordPerfect office suites of the world, as a warning to future technology developers that nothing lasts forever, and never in its original form.

In this light, EPUB 3 is more than just bug fixes and tweaks from the last version; it represents a major change in what an ebook can be. It's a whole new beast, you might say.

The ebook market has been going through its own kind of hyper-evolution in the mere four years since EPUB2 was released, and a flurry of new devices and document formats have come and gone in that time.

E Ink technology was all the rage in 2007 when Adobe, Amazon, Sony, and others were entering the market, however, and EPUB2 arrived to meet the new needs of these portable reading devices, with improved presentation capabilities, better navigation, support for DAISY accessibility features, and some advances in global language support.

But EPUB2, like its predecessor and contemporaries, remained a static format, in that its core only allowed for the reading of basic text and image documents."

Read the full article:  http://radar.oreilly.com/2011/11/epub3-multimedia-devices-accessibility.html

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eBook Distribution: Zola Books Bets On Curated Lists

eBook Distribution: Zola Books Bets On Curated Lists | eBook Publishing World | Scoop.it

From Portfolio.com: "...Zola Books, which has launched its app in beta today, is planning to disrupt the disrupters, wagering its success on its belief that human curation works better than algorithms when it comes to recommended reading.

The Zola Social Reader plans to bring a human touch back to e-books by bringing book critics, publishing houses, and bookworm friends back into the book-buying process.

It will work on Amazon's Kindle Fire, Barnes &Noble's Nook, and Apple's iPad as both a native app and an HTML5 app, an offering that undermines all three gadget maker's competitive edges by giving owners of their devices a new choice for where to buy books. And for an e-book industry estimated to be worth $7 billion by 2015, that’s a pretty bold move.


Zola’s digital storefronts... Not only will independent bookstores be able to set up their own digital storefronts, but authors, publishers, and other owners of content will be able to set the prices.


Like other e-book distributors, Zola’s Social Reader uses algorithms to generate quick recommendations based on user preferences, but unlike those distributors, it also gives publishers, authors, and friends the opportunity to curate lists of interesting books and highlight or comment within any book for all their friends to see."

Read more: http://www.portfolio.com/companies-executives/2012/06/05/zola-books-concept-disrupts-apple-and-amazon-ebook-models 

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Scooped by Robin Good

Learning How To Become a Publisher-Free Author: Five Good Books on Self-Publishing

Learning How To Become a Publisher-Free Author: Five Good Books on Self-Publishing | eBook Publishing World | Scoop.it

Robin Good: Kemari at Easilymused.com has a good selection of five books that can help anyone who is interested in breaking into the ebook publishing world.

Her selection includes:

The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing: Everything You Need to Know to Write, Publish, Promote and Sell Your Own Book by Marilyn Heimberg Ross, Tom Ross, and Sue Collier. I have this book and it’s about as in-depth as you can get. Very thorough, easy to read and follow, and full of the kind of information that will bring you success.

The Indie Author Guide: Self-Publishing Strategies Anyone Can Use by April L. Hamilton. I have this one also, and I have to say it’s one of my favorites. April spells out the entire process in a very simple but helpful way. There is even a section on book covers (definitely helpful for the indie author).

Smart Self-Publishing: Becoming an Indie Author by Zoe Winters. If Hocking is the queen of self-publishing, Zoe is the princess (though I doubt she’d use that term). She’s a self-published author with experience, so she knows what she’s talking about here.

Useful. 7/10

For the other titles she has selected and to read the full article, check out: http://easilymused.com/2012/03/five-books-on-self-publishing-that-will-rock-your-world/ 

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