What Formats To Use To Publish your eBook in Kindle, Nook, and PDF Formats | eBook Publishing World | Scoop.it

From the article: "While all of these publishing options are great, you’ll soon find that the formatting differences will drive you absolutely nuts.

Each format has it’s idiosyncrasies and numerous options.

You can literally spend days fine tuning your document for one particular application only to find that it completely changes when viewed on a different device.

Your book will look completely different on the small screen of a cell phone, than it does on the larger screen of an iPad or other tablet.

I spent the last month formatting my printed book, The Path of Consequence, for Kindle, iPad and Nook. It seemed easy at first, but as I viewed my document in the different formats I was horrified at the results.

Through trial and error I found some solutions and came to some conclusions.

Here are the three common formats and some workarounds."

Full article: http://successbeginstoday.org/wordpress/2012/02/powerful-ebook-publishing-options/comment-page-1/