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Robin Good: Fastpencil is a design, printing, publishing and distribution service which self-published authors can use to create books/eBooks and publish and distribute them to the major online and physical book distribution outlets available.

FastPencil provides all of the tools needed to write, edit and format your book and allows authors and companies to choose among three levels of imprinting and publishing services: PREMIERE, Wavecrest and

Distribution options

1) Color Books: to, and the FastPencil Marketplace.

2) Black and White Books: to, Barnes and Noble, Baker and Taylor and the FastPencil Marketplace (excluding 8.5x11 page size, which is only available on the FastPencil Marketplace).

3) eBooks in Epub format: Apple iBookStore, Amazon Kindle Store, Barnes&,,,,,,,,, and the FastPencil Marketplace.

4) eBooks in PDF format:,,,,,, and the FastPencil Marketplace.

Pricing: All of the FastPencil writing tools are free.

When you’ve finished writing and are ready to publish you can choose from the following Distribution options:

1. Private - FREE

2. FastPencil Marketplace Only - FREE

3. Wide Distribution - $149 one format ($199 for both print and eBook)

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