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Robin Good: Hyperink is a new publishing service which picks new blog authors and builds great story-books out of their already published content. 

From FastCompany: "If you're a blogger who'd like to add the line "book author" to your resume but are too busy, well, blogging to get that far, e-book publisher Hyperink has a new solution for you.

The e-publisher today launched its "blog to book” service, with the goal of make the publishing process a whole lot easier, accessible, and profitable for bloggers who wouldn’t typically have access to a book deal.


Hyperink’s demand-first philosophy flips the way books are selected on its head.

Instead of starting with the writer, which is often the case with traditional publishers, they look at Google search trends, what people are talking about on social platforms, and what areas are selling well on Kindle. Once they analyze the data to identify areas where people want books, they then look for a writer (or blogger in this case) for that particular area.

With their blog to book service, eBooks are created using existing published content which means there’s no new writing on the blogger’s part.

...Hyperink identifies your most popular posts based on comments, views, shares, etc. and then assigns an editor to layout the content with a narrative flow.

...the typical amount of time required is just about 5-10 hours total.

Once the eBook is complete, Hyperink publishes it to its marketplace, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and Kobo (iBooks coming soon). They then provide the blogger with copy, widgets, and tools to promote the title via his/her own blog.

Proceeds on books sold are split between both parties, giving bloggers the chance to turn their content into a passive income stream and enabling Hyperink to recoup their costs and generate revenue."

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